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Where mixing all the elements of fun and soccer is our #1 Priority


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Our Programs


Travel Player Summer Programs

Our Philosophy

"Tekkers Lab has a firm dedication and principles based on ethics, dignity, and responsibility. Creating a competitive environment that challenges and encourages players to grow both as a person and a player. While also fun and safe learning environment where each player gets individualized attention to improve their game. Our programs challenge players to think outside of the box and train outside of their comfort zone to support each player to become the best they can be"

Who We Are


Quality Training


Our Trainers are experienced in working with all levels of players. From those that are just learning the game up to youth academy level. Our experience allows us to give you the tools and knowledge needed to level up your game. Our training focuses on techniques that directly transfer into your game to help you become a well rounded player. We make sure to cover all facets of the game such as the technical/tactical/mental aspects to ensure you become the best you can be.


On & Off the Field Support


All of our Trainers are dedicated and take your goals and dreams seriously. We understand mistakes happen to everyone when playing - throughout training we encourage our players to view mistakes as a learning opportunity in order to maintain and build confidence. We will also be there for any questions you may have about your match performance, or concerns about taking the next step. This could be trying out for a travel club, academy, or even making the jump to college level. No matter what the goal, Tekkers Lab is committed to making sure you're  receiving the best training possible.


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